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Nicer Nightie is a follow up on Nice Nightie featuring more appropriate fraktur-style uppercase letters.

Just like Nice Nightie, Nicer Nightie provides a full Latin-1 character set, plus extra characters usable straight from the sprite sheet. It's also based on a better grid for pixel-art games, at 24x16 it uses multiples of 8x8 for easier tiling.

Just like Nice Nightie, Nicer Nightie is free for free projects; if you want to use it for paid projects you'll have to pay the recommended price.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags16-bit, 1-bit, 8-Bit, Fonts, Pixel Art, pixel-font


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This font is absolutely great! How did you make it, and do you have any recommendations for resources to learn how to design fonts?


Thank you very much! I just had an idea re: the base shape of the i and built upon it to make the n, the u, and from those I built up the rest.

I don't really have any pointers, tbh, I just stumbled my way into a cool idea, lol, however Reddit's /r/typedesign was a huge help.

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Oh, also, I built the glyphs in Aseprite and made the TTF with FontForge

Awesome, thanks for the help!


I've been learning how to use FontForge and wow is it a lot of work! Thank you for the tip though, it's certainly interesting learning how to make a font


Cool, I didn't notice this one when I was looking at "Nice Nightie"! I think I may have seen it, but then thought it was a duplicate or something, the names are awfully similar!! I think this one is a definite improvement though, some of the capital letters in the original were rather strange to me.

Indeed they were; but expecting this very case I worded the "license" (as such) that way, so you can feel free to use either as you please :)

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By the way, I ended up using this font in my game Vacant Kingdom, just thought you might want to know! I use it for Location and Boss titles: https://i.imgur.com/EAEHW91.png

Woah, awesome! It looks great!

Sorry for just replying now, I've been away :)

Really nice font!

Thank you! :)